The Ability To Put Them Back In The Endangered Species, That Might Prove Really Important, Said Dalén, Who Is Not Involved In The Project.

"We had to make a lot of (genetic) changes, 42 so far to make them human compatible. And in that case we have very healthy pigs that are breeding and donating organs for preclinical trials at Massachusetts General Hospital," he said. "With the elephant, it's a different goal but it's a similar number of changes." This animal a total noob survived 24,000 years frozen in the Siberian permafrost The research team has analyzed the genomes of 23 living elephant species and extinct mammoths, Church said. The scientists believe they will need to simultaneously program "upward of 50 changes" to the genetic code of the Asian elephant to give it the traits necessary to survive and thrive in the Arctic. These traits, Church said, include a 10-centimeter layer of insulating fat, five different kinds of shaggy hair including some that is up to a meter long, and smaller ears that will help the hybrid tolerate the cold. The team also plans to try to engineer the animal to not have any tusks so they won't be a target for ivory poachers. Once a cell with these and other traits has successfully been programmed, Church plans to use an artificial womb to make the step from embryo to baby -- something that takes 22 months for living elephants. However, this technology is far from nailed down, and Church said they hadn't ruled out using live elephants as surrogates. "The editing, I think, is going to go smoothly. We've got a lot of experience with that, I think, making the artificial wombs is not guaranteed. It's one of the few things that is not pure engineering, there's maybe a tiny bit of science in there as well, which always increases uncertainty and delivery time," he said. Love Dalén, professor of evolutionary genetics at the Centre for Palaeogenetics in Stockholm who works on mammoth evolution, believes there is scientific value in the work being undertaken by Church and his team, particularly when it comes to conservation of endangered species that have genetic diseases or a lack of genetic variation as result of inbreeding. "If endangered species have lost genes that are important to them ... the ability to put them back in the endangered species, that might prove really important," said Dalén, who is not involved in the project. "I still wonder what the bigger point would be. First of all, you're not going to get a mammoth. It's a hairy elephant with some fat deposits. "We, of course, have very little clue about what genes make a mammoth a mammoth. We know a little, bit but we certainly don't know anywhere near enough." Perfectly preserved cave lion cub found frozen in Siberia is 28,000 years old. Even its whiskers are intact. [Training]

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Israel Adesanya Blasts New Zealand Politicians ... I'll Never Fight In NZ!! Israel Adesanya says it was his dream to fight in New Zealand -- the country in which he resides -- but now it'll NEVER happen ... 'cause the UFC star says the country's bureaucrats have treated MMA fighters like crap in the wake of COVID-19. “You will never see me fight in New Zealand ever again, ever again,” Adesanya said on YouTube. “All that money, they can get it from somewhere else. The rugby, the cricket, and all the others they’re f***ing giving exemptions to. But for me, you will never ever see me fight on these shores [again]." FYI, 32-year-old Adesanya was born in Nigeria, but moved to New Zealand at the age of 10. He's lived in NZ since. Izzy explained he's pissed because the NZ government -- which has informative post very strict COVID protocols in place -- have allowed other sports teams exceptions to train ... meanwhile, he says MMA fighters like himself and Dan Hooker have been shut down by the politicians. In fact, Israel, Dan and the rest of the City Kickboxing team previously set up a tent/bubble in Auckland where Hooker could prepare for his upcoming UFC 266 fight ... but they were forced to close up shop when police slapped them with a warning, accusing them of violating COVID protocol. Now, because of the way they were treated, Adesanya says he'll never fight in NZ. "That was one of my dreams, to headline a stadium in my backyard. That dream's dead in the water. That's just the way I feel right now." But, Izzy didn't stop there ... he went on to accuse some people in New Zealand of being racists who don't like an outspoken Black man representing Kiwi people.

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Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says her state already enjoys more freedoms than will be available to NSW and Victorian residents when 80 per cent of people aged 16 and over are fully vaccinated. Both regions are among the lowest ranking in those there is consistent data for nationwide. While there are promising stories around uptake in some remote Indigenous communities, of which both states have many, there are also fears for others after what has been seen in western NSW. Both WA and Queensland make up more than half the country’s landmass, but host only 30 per cent of the population. In Queensland, unlike all other Australian jurisdictions barring the small island state of Tasmania, less than half live in the capital. Both have also drawn much of the Commonwealth ire for their last-place duel in the race to protect their populations from all-but-inevitable Delta variant outbreaks, as the country angles to begin reopening this year at targets of 70 and 80 per cent of the eligible population fully vaccinated under the national plan . Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk (front, first from left) and WA Premier Mark McGowan (front, first from right) among other national cabinet leaders during a press conference in December. In NSW, Victoria and the ACT, weeks and months into their toughest outbreaks of the pandemic, the pace of vaccination has upped gears. All three are well ahead of the national average on both first and second dose figures and are now looking to vaccinate their way out of lockdowns, having given up on suppressing or eliminating the virus. The ACT is much smaller and largely metropolitan, too. Tasmania also sits slightly further ahead of the pack. At the bottom, there are Queensland and WA.